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Thread: Albedo On Earth

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    Hi Hi ppls
    According to the record of the book saids, The albedo point on Earth was 69% absorb and 31 % were reflect back to space... I was wondering if the sky has no H2O cloud at all, then what will be the albedo that being absorb now and the albedo that refelct back to space?

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    I have been pondering what you are trying to ask in this question Tiny, so pardon me if I have answered it wrong.

    Albedo is a measure of the reflectiveness of an object.

    If I have read your question right, you are asking if there would be a change in the Earth's albedo between periods of cloudiness or no cloud. As the clouds are white and hang higher in the atmosphere, their presence would increase Earth's albedo.

    A good example of this is Venus. It is very bright in our night sky partly because of its high albedo--and this is derived from its cloud covered surface.

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    If Venus has such a high albedo, why is it so hot?

    Cool, this is my 200th post!

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    I guess it's because the heat get trap inside Venus's surface...

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    exactly littlemes. The same thing that happens on earth happens on Venus. Basically the greenhouse effect. Sunlight comes is trapped in by reflecting off the cloud. Perpetually warming the surface replenishing the clouds.

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