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    This is a site with a particular idea in mind I'd like to call into question: in the main article, the author explained away the nuclear force 'gluons' saying that gluons don't exist but that the pressure/density that binds nuclei and nucleons together is spacetime itself. I have trouble believing that. Please post your comments.

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    I read the link. I have a hard time believing that the underlying layers are composed of matter since the observations seem to indicate the the more you peel back the onion skin layers of existence, the more twists and spins of subtler forms of energy there are which make up that matter. Or I should say, everything seems to be made up of nothing.

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    This is a junk site that starts by discussing Dark Energy and Vacuum Energy using artists terms. Concerning the issue of nucleons and gluons the big falling down point for me is this:

    If quarks are held together in nucleons by the pressure from the universe pressing down on them, why is not all matter in every celestial body crushed into an ultra-dense soup of strange free-quark matter [or black holes in the case of massive stars]?

    Basically, this site can be ignored, and needs no further debunking.
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