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Thread: Bad Astronomy and The Fox Conspiracy Theory Connection

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    Couldn't help but think that most of the hits from your site probably come as a result of the Fox special conspiracy.
    People saw the show and the moon landing fell apart before their very eyes. So some believed but others turned to the internet for answers and who did they find Phil Plait and Bad Astronomy. In a way this site owes alot to that show. Don't you think?

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    Yes, as a matter of fact a lot of the popularity of this site is due to the Fox show. I will note that my site has had a steady increase in hits ever since the mid-1990s, and a Reuters article came out about it a month before the Fox show aired which caused a huge jump in hits too.

    Still, I have no problems admitting that a lot of my own 15 minutes of fame is from the Moon Hoax. And yet, I still honestly wish it would go away. Unlike possible motivations for some other folks and the Moon Hoax, I'm not in this for personal gain. I am in this to educate people and show them the truth. It's really that simple.

    If I gain in notoriety from this, then I can use that to further my goal of educating people. I'd really rather not see Sibrel getting air time, but if someone like MSNBC calls and says they are interviewing him, then it's in the best interest of science to make sure his opinons are not left unopposed.

    And remember: if I really wanted fame and fortune, I'd claim the landings were faked. I could ask for a million bucks from Fox just for starters, which is more money than I can reasonably assume I'll make in my entire life. Yet I don't. Why not? Because what I am doing now is the right thing to do.

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    Please do not change threads and titles after you have already posted. My response was to your original post, which you changed.

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    Sorry about changing the post I thought my first post was a little stupid but the BA replied to it so I changed it back.

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