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Thread: Is gmail bad today?

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    Thursday, February 17th: my usually reliable gmail is delivering messages to me sporadically, and often very late. I have received several message today between five and ten HOURS after they were sent, and know from certain Yahoo group memberships I have that some other messages should have been received over an even longer period but haven't been.

    Does anyone else have experience today that is consistent with this?

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    I just ran a test to see.... and from Australia to the US servers back to Australia took 4 minutes. Perhaps its yahoo?

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    I had a whole lot of problems with gmail yesterday too. Thought it was just me. I had three emails sent to me (at gmail) each five mins apart. the first two arrived together and about a two hours later. the third didn't arrive until this morning - about 7 or 8 hours later.

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    I've also been having a few problems like this recently. My gmail account has been recieving e-mails hours and sometimes even days after they were sent.

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    final produce is yet to come, may be these are their laboratory exprements and internet convultions ! people are little bit experiencing the gmail's light of problem emission.

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