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Thread: Fraser! I'm going to Canada

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    My girlfriend announced this brilliant idea to me today and it was to take a trip to Vancouver Canada. The first thing that popped into my head was, "Hey!! I know someone from Canada!! Fraser Cain, I bet he'll know of some nifty things to do that'd be right up my ally."

    Anyway, if you and or anyone else here in the forum have any suggestions about some "must see" things while in or around Vancouver Canada it would be really appreciated.


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    From my experience (my Dad's from Canada) Vancouver's good for a one-day visit or a long-term stay, not a week of touristy sightseeing.

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    you could set up for the party to be held in Fraser's backyard

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    Wait a minute Dame... Fraser, I thought we'd pick a date when most people could be there, not just the Sphinxer! :angry:

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    Unfortunately, I moved out of Vancouver about 7 months ago, but my wife was a tour guide, so here are her suggestions:

    Grouse Mountain skyride
    Capilano Suspension Bridge
    Storeum in Gastown
    Stanley Park
    Sun Yat Sen Gardens
    Granville Island
    Robson/Denman/Davie Streets

    And let me know what kind of food you like and I'll recommend some restaurants.

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    I guess that would be the highlight of your tour, Sphynx! a visit to Fraser's island town. Just watch out for the spysatellite receivers, radiotelescope array, particle accelerator, and fusion reactor! You might trip over them! Just kidding, fraser! Go Sphynx! Meet the Man himself, in the flesh! That would be something!

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    You guys are great. Thanks for the suggestions Fraser, I'll have to look into those. As far as food goes I'm the adventerous one (having lived in Okinawa for a few years as a younger lad) so the more unique the better but my girlfriend is about as basic as it gets. I pretty much have to force her to try anything that doesn't look or smell familiar to her. So, if we could find a few restaurants that met somehwere in the middle here that would be awesome, especially because dinner is usually the highlight of my day!! Unique yet classically flavored.

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