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    SUMMARY: Recent discoveries on Mars such as methane in the atmosphere, a subterranean ice pack near the equator, and evidence of flowing water in the planetís past brings new speculation to the most frequently asked questions about the Red Planet: Is there, or was there ever life on Mars?

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    Very close to the 'tricorder' in star treck.
    What I have is a portable device to measure biological molecules," he said. "If you were at an airport and found a white powder you're going to want to know if it is anthrax or chalk dust fairly quickly.
    beats taste test :P
    To an oldie and technically literate even things like this are astounding but in reality are predictable

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    The prototype looks promising but still has a long way to go. 13 kilodaltons isn't sufficient to cover significant range of macromolecules relevant to celullar processes.

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    John Murrell Guest
    Isn't there already one of these in Space - well on the surface of Mars.

    It sounds very similar to the mass spectrometer the Open University developed for the ill fated Beagle2

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    Guest_alfchemist Guest
    probably a mass spectrometer for small molecules and not for biological macromolecules

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    I think that there was life on mars and could possibly still be some kind of life existing today.

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