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    SUMMARY: NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this image of Saturn's F-ring, with one of its shepherd moons, Pandora also in view. Pandora is only 84 km (52 miles) across, but it clearly has a powerful effect on the ring, causing ripples, knots and twists in the ring from afar. You can see the entire shape of Pandora in this picture, because reflected light from Saturn illuminates the moon's dark side.

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    Something I've wondered about. An earlier probe sent pictures that included a ring that appeared braided, a sort of binary twist. But I don't recall any hints of this kind of disruptive influence. Suppose this is something new, not present when whats-its-name flew by a few years back?

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    Originally posted by lswinford@Jun 20 2005, 07:44 PM
    ...when whats-its-name flew by a few years back?
    ...good one, lswinford.

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    As stated on the official site, note how the main ring is affected, but not the others.

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