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Thread: New Form of Matter Created

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    New Form of Matter Created

    SUMMARY: Physicists at MIT have successfully created a new form of matter in their laboratory; a gas that shows superfluidity at higher temperatures. Superfluid gasses, which can flow without resistance, have been created before, but only at very cold temperatures just above Absolute Zero. Matter like this could exist in the Universe's most extreme places, like at the heart of black holes, neutron stars, or in the early stages of the Big Bang.

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    For the first time, MIT scientists have directly observed the transition of a gas to a superfluid, a form of matter closely related to the superconductors that allow electrical currents to travel without resistance.

    Observations of superfluids may help solve lingering questions about high-temperature superconductivity, which has widespread applications for magnets, sensors and energy-efficient transport of electricity.
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