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Thread: Jupiter Wallpaper

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    Jupiter Wallpaper

    SUMMARY: Here's a new wallpaper of that amazing image of Jupiter released yesterday that was stitched together from 27 separate photos taken by Cassini. In order to make this your computer desktop, click the following link so the image comes up in your browser. Then right-click anywhere on the image and choose "Set as Wallpaper". I've made the image 1280x1024, so those of you with bigger monitors can really appreciate how it looks (but it'll still look great on smaller screens too).

    Cassini Jupiter Image 1280x1024 (28K)

    I've also added this to the photo gallery, so if you really like it, you can order a printed copy - from a 4x6 snapshot all the way up to a 20x30 poster. Click here to access the Photo Gallery, and then choose Jupiter. It's the first image in the series.


    Fraser Cain
    Universe Today

    What do you think about this story? post your comments below.
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    Hmm ... the "View Full Article" link gives me a 404 error, and the "Cassini Jupiter Image 1280x1024 (28K)" line, that I assume is supposed to be a link isn't one.

    Just thought you should know ...

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    Okay thanks, I've fixed it.

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