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Thread: NASA Reorganizes to Support Bush Strategy

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    NASA Reorganizes to Support Bush Strategy

    SUMMARY: NASA announced on Thursday that it would be reorganizing aspects of the agency to better support the new vision of space exploration laid out by George Bush earlier in the week. The Office of Exploration Systems was created, and will be led by Craig Steidle to build the equipment that will take humans back to the Moon. A special committee was appointed by the President, and is expected to deliver a more concrete plan for the space initiative within four months.

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    George Bush just announced that the rebuilding of the Gulf coast will take about 200 billion. That raises the annual deficit towards a half trillion (to add to the almost 8 trillion debt).

    At the same time he also announced that there will be no increase in taxes. (just a reminder that the USA is supposedly also fighting a war)

    Where is the increase for NASA going to come from? Where is money for health, education, the environment, etc. going to come from if there are not higher taxes? Unfortunately for us space keeners all departments and agencies might see budget freezes or slight reductions despite indications to the contrary.

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