Here in BAUT, and in many other internet discussion fora, you can easily find posts on the difficulty of getting independent astrophysics, planetary science, cosmology, etc research published. If you read such posts, you will find 1001 reasons why independent researchers can't get anything published in ApJ, MNRAS, etc.

I thought it might be of interest to some BAUT readers to have a thread on what an independent researcher can do.

First, there's the internet. For a very modest sum, plus some effort, you can register a domain name, and publish to your heart's content.

Second, there are dozens of 'alternative' websites that would be only too happy to publish your work (provided they are within their stated domains, and provided that your research meets certain criteria; you need to be careful about copyright, of course).

However, many independent researchers wish to get their work published in a peer-reviewed, mainstream journal, or at least somewhere where professional astronomers (etc) will read their work.

Let's make this thread a resource for such people!