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Thread: New Details About Space Shuttle Successor

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    New Details About Space Shuttle Successor

    SUMMARY: A Northrop Grumman/Boeing team has unveiled new details about the successor to the space shuttle: the Crew Exploration Vehicle. This new spacecraft, reminiscent of the original Apollo capsule, is expected to carry humans to the International Space Station by 2012 and return them to the Moon by 2018. Unlike Apollo, however, the CEV will carry four astronauts to the Moon and back. It will orbit the Moon autonomously, allowing all four astronauts to descend to the surface.

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    They mention it is a modular system. I wonder if that means it can be added to while on orbit, to allow for, say, the addition of a supply module or an extra habitate.

    Cool stuff regardless.

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    More at

    You can watch a few pictures of the first zero-G fight of Kliper at This is a 1/50
    model built by Serge Gracieux which flew last month in the Novespace
    Zero-G Airbus 300.

    Vincent Meens

    Here's a nifty website regarding the proposed
    Soviet Kliper space vehicle:

    The Beatles song "Get Back" comes to mind! More on the ESAS here:

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