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Thread: Join BAUT teams for BOINC(Einstein-,SETI-,LHC-,...)

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    Jan 2006
    Yeah, it worked for me on the same with my two computers - at home though, but should be the same.

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    I just added a home computer, after adding DSL at home, so my daily average should almost double.

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    Mar 2009
    I joined up too. This is kinda neat, making a small contribution to some worthy projects, not SETI sorry.

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    Forgive me for not wading through 15 pages to see if this has been addressed already, but is there any project of this sort for string/M theory calculations? I've read and heard that they are fiendishly complicated and, at least up until a few years ago impossible to solve beyond approximations. Maybe there aren't enough interested people to make it work?

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    Could be interesting CJSF, but AFAIK there's none... Maybe things have changed since i last checked though...

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