SUMMARY: In case you hadn't noticed, I sort of haven't been around much for the past few months. That's not entirely true, I've been here, just not working on the site. I can give you a zillion reasons, but the bottom line is that I got burnt out (I'm sure most of you suspected that). Although we love her to pieces, Chloe hasn't exactly been the best sleeper - so the workload has been pretty huge. Once the SPAM/viruses started to clog up my mailbox (I get literally hundreds of inane/obscene junk letters every day). The computer and I needed some time apart.

But we had our first full night's sleep on December 30, 2002 - Chloe actually slept for 10 complete hours without waking up once - the first night sleep in 14 months. Well, I took that as a sign… so here I am. New Year and all.

What also brought me back to the computer was a mixture of guilt and respect for the awesome, and ongoing support the readers were sending me. People seem to like this little rag… who am I to argue?

Speaking of children, I think its time you put yours to work coming up with names for NASA's future rovers to Mars. You can read about the contest here, and it wraps up on January 31. Only folks in the US can submit their ideas, unfortunately. I think it's time we had an International Space Agency.

Fraser Cain, Publisher
Universe Today

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