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Thread: 2nd try moon picture

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    2nd try moon picture

    First attempt using LPI for moon imaging. I know its not great.But I am learning
    Thank you
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    Hi Roy,
    Really geat work in moon for first time nad by using LPI.

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    Cool- nice image

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    royckay not good but its the first time, try with Toucam because the LPI has very bad software I believe!!! Or try the LPI with K3CCD Tools!!! I have tryed with good results. Sory for my coments!!! but its a truth!!! and try to focus a little more.

    Friendly George Tarsoudis

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    nice one. small portion is just unclear but that can be clear if no crampling in the camera, one of my friend who tried to take a photo of some guest in their home, the guest made a funny joke and at the same time the friend was taking the photo, but what happened my friend was laughed during pressing the camera "click-button", his camera was just got a little shake and whole photo came in the bad vision, long back. but your photo is looking cute one.

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