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Thread: "Project Serpo" Hoax EXPOSED!!

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    Smile "Project Serpo" Hoax EXPOSED!!

    Seems that Project Serpo has been exposed as a hoax created by McLean VA
    attorney (with possible gov connections) in concert with the "Three Amigos"
    of which also appears, based on the material collected,
    to be COINTELPRO. This one is really strange and a good example of what is
    being done to "take over the internet" in the guise of just a few "normal
    guys trying to make a buck."

    Have a look:

    Most particularly, check out the email from said attorney posted on this
    page at the bottom:

    The "backstory" is here:
    SignsoftheTimesAttackedbyAbovetopsecretcomPsyops.p hp

    Just goes to show how the net can be used for good or evil.

    Feel free to repost any material from the above forums.

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    Ha, a conspiracy theory on a hoax.
    Some people really should get a life.

    I'm sure most people here couldn't care less.
    We knew it was a hoax.
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    May I add a bored.....yawn....

    Not even a remotely believable hoax either.

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    I wonder if we will ever get to a time when the pace of the identification of these things as hoaxes outpaces the creation of hoaxes. Did these guys think they wouldn't get caught. or was it a lark, and they were curious to see how long it could go?
    Forming opinions as we speak

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