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Thread: Olber's Paradox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Root
    Is the handle of the original poster (Дщпкфзр) pronounceable?
    It doesn't look pronounceable. Are all the vowels omitted?

    -- Jeff, in Minneapolis
    When I Babelfished it, all I got was "Dshchpkfzr" so I guess not! (at least I can't pronounce it)

    You may not have Cryllic loaded as a font on your computer so you're seeing squares, instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svemir
    We have processes, yes, but are they cosmologically significant? No, not all of them. So my critic was more nit-picking then serious suggestion for solution to "where all that H comes from in an infinitely old universe" :-)
    Granted, it is not a crazy idea, the universe would probably have ways of doing it in principle, it just goes against our current understanding so it's not a likely avenue to pursue. But it's good to have folks like Hoyle looking into it, creative thinking has its place.

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