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Thread: Infrared View of Mount Saint Helens

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    Infrared View of Mount Saint Helens

    SUMMARY: NASA scientists flew a small aircraft equipped with a special infrared camera above Mount Saint Helens last week to see if this perspective would give any insights into what's happening underneath the surface. Shortly after they took this image, the volcano spewed out a large blast of steam. The team had actually been planning this mission for quite a while, so it was a complete coincidence that they arrived when the volcano was about to erupt.

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    The Cascades Volcano Observatory is reporting that a large fin has developed in the mile-wide Mount St. Helens crater, the result of lava upsurges.

    Expand (45kb, 640 x 315)
    Position: Latitude 46.198510° longitude -122.190391°

    Link to Webcam (47kb, 640 x 480) pointing at Mount St. Helens from the Johnston Ridge Observatory (the ridge at the top left of the above picture)

    Scientists say they expect the 91 metre-tall spire to collapse into the crater's expanding dome, as others have since the volcano began erupting again 18 months ago.
    The tip of the fin is about 2,346 metres above sea level, boosted by the volcano's rising lava dome. The lava has been emerging from a crater vent at a rate of 1 to 2 metres a day.

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    check out this fantastic image of the Rock Slab Growing at Mt. St. Helens Volcano ...


    Reminded me of an crashed alien ship i once saw...

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