There are contradictions in reading habits among many readers, some prefer for effective reading "use of books" some are habitual about reading on the screen, they do not wish to read the information in the book but they do screen reading, so is it a fashion, or it gives more joy to the eyes instead of looking into the books.

Book reading is just a deminishing habit amongst the many readers and even in students, particularly engineering and medical students, they just turn on their computer and proceed for the information related with their syllabus, perhaps this is not a good habit to read only on screen, refering different books and read out is a great thing to do but most of the people do not do such thing.

Many people or the aspirants of "creating thesis" are very much adhere with the electronic medium to chalk down their ideas, they just do the work "by collecting different information from the different sites and jot down their thesis, this is also not that good.

I am not saying this is bad habit, but the students do this things to save their time in searching in the books and its writers, and its content, they just key the word into the search window and say..GO and find out the information, this is not a clever work they do so, butu they feal that they are doing "clever activity" for the complition of their assignments and thesis.

may be your opinion differs, you may say that both habits are good one, or only book reading and taking short notes, this habit is best one likewise.