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Thread: current Maid 4TV .Doc

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    current Maid 4TV .Doc

    yeah its a SeaQuill2 the `60;s AA
    anyway an Asian Group {maybe Korean}
    have begun position themselves
    in diagional opposition to CH
    its really kind of charminh in its
    own way.. but the ORgang_niz`Ns well Along
    and its ony day 1 of $pring term
    ahh Enforced $tupidity Procurements
    Batteries anyone?
    now that i think about this
    I'll call it the eye rock candies mountain FistofAll..
    it just wont get the Share the 60's 1 did

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    Do you have a link to this?
    Who/what is CH?

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    Thanks for C`n

    Quote Originally Posted by Rue
    Do you have a link to this?
    Who/what is CH?
    CH is both Cramer Hall.. most of the
    "ologies" Geology,Anthrpology,etc.
    its the 2nd most Northern Building
    next to really OLD Linclon hall..
    Where i spend most of Tue/Thurs.. (this need to be rewritten)
    and C.H. is Christina? teach4 326 "Modling"
    attractive SMART former NASA type
    SOoo. it will be very slow sledding 4 sure..
    OR Matlab {whats taught vs Maple { what i take }

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