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Thread: Do you want some help Fraser? offering my help for UT

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    Do you want some help Fraser? offering my help for UT


    This message is actually a message to Fraser (or any other UT leader). i know that a PM system is meant for these kind of messages but because i don`t really know if fraser is the only one leading everything here i decided to make it a post instead of a PM.

    Oke i posted this message because i just want UT to be the best space news site that`s in existence and i have the php knolledge to give it a boost in that direction.

    I don`t really know what all has to be done on UT to get it up and running for 100% (looks good the way it is now) but i sure know that the search system can be updated to a slightly more advanced search engine :P and i would like to make that. i have alot experience in making search engines because i made a extensive one for a dvdcover website of mine.. it just never got online because it`s illegal

    Now to give you a indication of my php knowledge.. the edge of my knowledge is recursion at this moment.. like making a script with unlimited sub categories.. that`s just a little to much for me.. evenrthing below that is should be possible for me to make.
    unfortunaly i don`t have anything online to show you but i`m in the progress of making a total conversion mod for paFileDB Extreme Edition with alot custom modifications made by me. for examples you can mail me or add me to msn..

    besides all of this i would like to be a part of the team simply because i like this site
    please let me know what you think of it.

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    i`m waiting for a reply Fraser

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    I appreciate the offer markg85, but I actually think I've got everything almost all figured out. The best way to help out is to participate in the forum. Get involved in conversations, and answer questions for people.

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    oke.. if you need any coding help in the future don`t hesitate to send me a pm

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