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Thread: About Supercell Hunters

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    About Supercell Hunters

    Hello guys and girls,

    I would like to be best scientist and great storm chasing. I like some people to be our storm chasers to hunt for supercells! I am not going to be stupid as if anything goes wrong during the science experiments and storm chasing. I really want someone to be with us. We live in NE NSW where Ballina and Lismore is. Doesn't matter how far you are, you would even contact with us. My site is a little boring atm because i just started photography and my forums just made. I would be pleased to see more contacts with Supercell Hunters.

    As soon as possible, in will contact the government and we will start our own grant money to get huge experiments in science and of course weather!

    My site is:

    Cheers Matt

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    I would suggest you concentrate on learning correct english first, otherwise you'll never get any grant money.
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