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Thread: JMB's CREIL thread (ATM)

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    JMB's CREIL thread (ATM)

    I am afraid that most people ignore the parametric light-matter interactions.
    The simplest parametric interaction is refraction, which shows the characteristics of parametric interactions:
    - no permanent excitation of matter
    - interaction with bulk matter
    - Coherent interaction, so that the wave surfaces remain clean, the images are not blurred.

    The parametric interactions are generally performed using lasers to allow a strong interaction in a small volume. These interactions allow to add, multiply, combine, shift, ..., the frequencies of light beams by an increase of the entropy of a set of simultaneously refracted beams. ( Planck's law defines the temperature of light, function of the density of energy or of the luminance).
    Frequency shifts are observed in "Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering" (ISRS), using femtosecond laser pulses. The light pulses which transfer information in optical fibres are redshifted; it seems that there is only a beam, but there are several, the other being in the background.
    The study if ISRS shows that, in the best conditions, the shift is inversly proportional to the cube of the length if the light pulses, so that it is roughly 10 power 12 times weaker with ordinary light than with laser pulses. Therefore ISRS with ordinary, incoherent light (named CREIL) can only be observed with astronomical paths; but it may be very large by addition of redshifts along light-years
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    JMB (the main proponent of CREIL) posted this in the mainstream 'Astronomy' section as an add-on to a two-year-old thread on the Compton Effect. I removed this from the bumped thread and started a CREIL thread in the ATM section.

    JMB is an experienced scientist, but comes to this forum fairly infrequently. The 30-day countdown has just started for this thread, but I suspect that JMB won't be back, as he probably simply added to something having found the Compton thread via a google search.
    Forming opinions as we speak

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