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Thread: Read this first, re posting "Electric Universe" ideas here

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    Read this first, re posting "Electric Universe" ideas here

    There is a very long thread, here in this ATM section, on the Electric Universe, Plasma Universe, Electric Sun, Electric Comet, and (to some extent*) Plasma Cosmology ideas - Electric Universe Model.,.

    This thread was closed on 30 April, 2006, with the closure being forwarned a week earlier:
    Unless there is some new material, from an avowed EU proponent, this thread will be closed in a week's time.

    As is abundantly clear from the last three week's posts (over 300!), EU proponents have not presented anything new here in this thread*

    New to this thread BAUT members, such as sol88 and P.Asmah, clearly have not taken the trouble to read through this thread, to check that their questions/contributions have been previously addressed or not.

    That's OK, they're new.

    However, if we allow such behaviour to persist, this thread will (continue to) go nowhere.

    So, unless there are answers to open questions addressed to EU proponents, or something new (= has not already been discussed in this thread), I think we can bring this thread to a close.

    However, in case I've missed anything, I'll leave it open for another week, to allow EU proponents to check the >2300 posts and determine if anything they wish to present is indeed new.

    If it's closed, I will re-open this thread after the conference that iantresman referred to in an earlier post, to allow any EU proponent to present any new material they wish (as usual, of course, they must be prepared to answer all direct, pertinent questions about their claims).
    In the 30 April post, announcing thread closure, guidelines were presented for how discussion of EU ideas, here in the ATM section of BAUT, could continue.

    These guidelines for how discussion of specific, concrete, focussed EU ideas can continue, here in the ATM section of BAUT, are:

    * An EU proponent may start a new thread, on one, specific EU topic, so that we may have a focussed discussion of it. The guidelines for the thread starter are:

    * State whether the EU idea includes only mainstream physics (e.g. plasma physics, classical electromagnetism), or includes at least some new physics. If in doubt, assume the latter.

    * If the EU idea has a (public) history, provide a succinct summary of its antecedents, and where one can read the prior work done on it.

    * If the EU idea is chacterised as a theory, or a model (or includes these), provide references to (publicly available) material which details the theory or model (doesn't have to be a peer-reviewed publication, though that would be nice).

    * If the EU idea is not quantitative (maths, OOM, numbers, equations, etc), provide a summary of how the idea could be tested, in principle, using today's technology.

    * As always with ATM ideas, be prepared to have the idea challenged ... and be prepared to defend it.

    * For further suggestions, please read this Tim Thompson post.

    There is a "Table of Contents" thread, for folk to create a link summary of this thread, to allow for references to discussion on specific topics within the EU idea to be quickly located.

    Since 30 April, three new ATM threads were started, presenting focussed EU cases:

    EU: Jets and Birkeland currents.

    Electric Comets

    The Electric Sun, which was subsequently locked.

    In addition, Plasma physics, MHD, Alfvén, etc, the General Science section, is open for discussion of the basics of plasma physics, MHD, Alfvén, etc (i.e. mainstream plasma physics).

    Bottom line: if you wish to start a thread on an EU topic, here in this ATM section, make sure that your OP follows the guidelines (above). Or, contribute to one of the (two) EU threads still open. Or, send a moderator a PM requesting that the Electric Sun thread be re-opened (make sure, first, that you read this post)

    *the term "plasma cosmology" sometimes refers to ideas that are quite distinct from those of Alfvén.
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    Thread closed.

    This sticky needs to be updated to accomodate BAUT's new ATM policy.

    In particular
    , "the days of BAUT being a promotion tool for ATM theorists are over."
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