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Thread: Good art

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    Good art

    Alien worlds through artist's eyes

    The art is gorgeous, but I particularly like the image at the end of what our solar system might look like through an infrared telescope from a long ways away.
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    The February episode of The Sky At Night was about astro art. It was very good. There's a small gallery of some good work. It's a shame that most producers of sci-fi series don't choose to consult them. They make space look far more interesting than it is made to appear on programmes like Enterprise.

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    Loved the Waterworld pic from Glom's link--despite Kevin Costner's movie of the same name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glom
    There's a small gallery of some good work.
    The "Volcano on Venus" picture has sunlight coming through the clouds. Oh, well, looks pretty anyway.

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    Natty Bryce work there; thanks for the link.

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