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Thread: Anyone Know a Good C++ Book?

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    Question Anyone Know a Good C++ Book?

    I'm trying to learn C++ as of recently. I have some programming and computer experience (BASIC, Virtual BASIC, i.e. not a complete novice). I have some ancient C++ books (So old they spend the first chapters telling you how much cooler it is than C) I first started programming for the heck of it, but never really used it much. Now I want to get back in and I need a better up-to-date beginner level book on C++ and was wondering if anyone has suggestions, preferably oriented towards game programming. Thanks.

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    I haven't used C++ in quite a while, so I can't help you, but maybe you should investigate some other languages. I know that there are quite a few books on game programming that have been published recently (I see them in every Borders that I visit). I'm not sure what language they are geared towareds but there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. C++ is not necessarily a bad choice for game programming, but if some other plaform such as .NET have well-optimized graphics and animation libraries, you can save a lot of time and frustration by using them instead.

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    C+, or C++ programming is useful in the programs generated on the computer of "business,games related programs". My mrs. did one course in which she learnt lot of other languages,(I don't know what is the use of C++ use in kitchen ) even I have seen that book C++ like, but I never tried to open the book, we have lot of collection of such books, but sorry to say that we don't have the books "alphabetically", starting from A to z. My advise is to you to take second hand books, because there are no drastic changes in the C++ programming, hence try to save the money by this way. otherwise in the market there are quite costly book I have seen. and search on the net is a good tool to receive the information, and c++ is not that difficult for you.

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    If it's pure C++ you want, Deitel & Deitel is the way to go.

    If you're mostly interested in game programming, you'll need a book with coverage of OpenGL or DirectX or something. Most of the modern ones are C#-based, I think. The best books I've seen specifically for game programming tend to be on sale in the bargain bin at my local grocery store.

    Honestly, though, I think it's better to learn the pure C++, then just use the Internet to look up the game-oriented stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snarkophilus View Post
    Honestly, though, I think it's better to learn the pure C++, then just use the Internet to look up the game-oriented stuff.
    Agreed. It seems like specifics of game programming and APIs and whatnot tend to move so fast that the time it takes for information to become obsolete is almost as short as the time it takes to write, edit, print, and distribute a book.

    Anyway, my favorite C++ book is Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language. It moves faster than a lot of books that advertise themselves as entry-level, but it also manages to cover the whole language and not be cluttered with little white lies aimed at discouraging you from using more sketchy aspects of the language (something that drove me nuts about the O'Reilly book).

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    C++: A Beginner's Guide (Paperback)
    by Herbert Schildt

    I learned from this one :P

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