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Thread: A sad day for cricket

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    Unhappy A sad day for cricket

    Jamican police have confirmed that Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer was murdered in his hotel room, and investigations are ongoing as to who the culprits might be

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    A sad day indeed!

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    It's odd; when one imagines which sport would be most likely to be riddled with corruption, death and evil, cricket somehow never comes to mind.
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    Is it really appropriate to continue with this tournament

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    That's a common question asked in cases like this.

    It is answered by rephrasing the question thus:
    Do you think he would prefer to be remembered by people NOT playing or by people playing?

    From what I read about him he would much rather be remembered by people playing, and as such it is entirely appropriate to continue.
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    and investigations are ongoing as to who the culprits might be
    Probably some baseball fanatics who think that cricket might overtake baseball in popularity in the future.

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