This is my first post to the forum. I started listening to Slacker Astronomy when it started and eventually quit listening. I went to check it out again some months later and much to my chagrin, found it was now sans Dr. Pamela Gay. Needless to say I immediately began downloading Astronomy Cast and I am now on about episode 13 and I love it.

Some time ago I started a podcast called The Sitter Downers with my brother. Since that time I have stepped down (I'm still on the show from time to time) and the new co-host is Tom Revell, the creator of Stickies. Stickies is THE Stickie Note software for the Windows OS. I have tried a dozen, and Tom's software blows them out of the water...and of course it is free. There is even a Palm and PPC version (although no longer in development). Anyway, Tom provides skinning software for those that are nerdy enough and I thought it would be neat to make an Astronomy Cast skin. So...

Download Stickies

Download The Astronomy Cast Skin

If you want to make the skin better (which wouldn't be hard) feel free to download the skinner and hack away. Tom will post just about anything if you send it to him.

Ok, that's all for now. I'll try to get in on some of the discussion once I get caught up.