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Thread: Read that again?

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    Thanks for the interpretation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solfe View Post
    I like these manhole covers. They are about 12" across, but underneath is a 2" lip, so less than 8" across.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    I didn't really get that until I clicked on the picture! Maybe they are warning off the rodents.
    It's months and months later, but I am bemused by the fact that no one noticed that I opened it to see the large lip around the opening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solfe View Post
    It's months and months later, but I am bemused by the fact that no one noticed that I opened it to see the large lip around the opening.
    Well, your report doesn't really imply that you'd done such a thing.
    It's common enough to pass a technician who has the lid off one of these access points, and I presume I'm not the only person who takes the opportunity to peer over the barriers and see what's inside. Or, I imagine, you might just have knowledge of the regulations that govern the design of access covers that people walk on. So when I read your post I thought, That sounds about right. And I've never removed one of these covers in my life.

    Grant Hutchison

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    I do like the “fatal to enter” writing. So blunt and to the point. But without giving away the danger that lurks beneath. I guess it gives some legal protection but risks crying wolf. And I love that answer to why many manhole covers are round, it is nearly the only shape with which the lid cannot fall down the hole. As a manhole nerd, the most production efficient steel one was devised by a German engineer. One skin is pressed to have hemisphere bumps and these are welded at their high points to a flat skin making a sandwich. Adding a flange all round completes the cover, or tile or pressure surface.
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    When we realize that patterns don't exist in the universe, they are a template that we hold to the universe to make sense of it, it all makes a lot more sense.
    Originally Posted by Ken G

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    Our cable system has "Music Choice" channels up in the 900 range. I probably have that on on "my" TV more than anything else. To get in the spirit the past couple of days I put on the "Sounds of the Season" channel. The "MC" channels have no advertising but stick some blurbs on the screen. Seen today:

    "Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a Hanukkah Yule Log from Music Choice!"

    Say what?
    Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.

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    . . . They just aren't even trying, are they?

    "Now everyone was giving her that kind of look UFOlogists get when they suddenly say, 'Hey, if you shade your eyes you can see it is just a flock of geese after all.'"

    "You can't erase icing."

    "I can't believe it doesn't work! I found it on the internet, man!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    "Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a Hanukkah Yule Log from Music Choice!" Say what?
    Oy vey.
    Do good work. —Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonM435 View Post
    If Ohio State ends up on the cusp of eligibility, there's sure to be a flap. Disqualifying them from the conference championship game would enrage many fans. On the other hand, they would still have a shot at the national championship without risking a loss here -- depending upon how that committee looks at unplayed games.
    Update: With one more cancellation (this Saturday), OSU doesn't meet the minimum of 6. I suspect that the administration will alter the rules to let them in anyway.

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    I'd say this headline is missing a pair of commas. Even with them it would be clunky.

    Man angry deposit hadn’t cleared threw animal trap through Ann Arbor bank window, police say

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    There is an auto insurance company TV ad showing two astronauts riding a Lunar Rover on the moon.

    Small print at the bottom of the screen says “Do not attempt.”
    I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them. - Jimmy Hoffa

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    Hah! That really made me laugh, though I haven’t seen the commercial. My first thought was that it was a joke, but then I wondered if it was suspected the guys in the rover were doing something that some Earthbound fool might try to duplicate.

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    It sounded amusing, so I had to look. And yes, they drive the rover off the cliff at the rim of a crater, relying on the reduced gravity to allow them a soft (ish) landing. It's a cute ad.
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