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Thread: is there a way to download these shows?

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    is there a way to download these shows?

    Seems that all I can do is get a streaming audio of the show ;-/.

    I'd love to collect them! ;-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaffo View Post
    Seems that all I can do is get a streaming audio of the show ;-/.

    I'd love to collect them! ;-).
    There sure is, Gaffo.

    You can right click (command-click on a Mac) and choose "save link as" or "save target as" (or similar - the wording varies by browser), and you'll be given the option to save the mp3 file to any directory on your computer.

    Or you could use a Podcatching client like iPodder, Juice or one of many others. These are small programs that will watch our feed and automatically download the show for you. It sometimes takes a few hours for feedburner to pick up the show, so try to be patient.

    If you use iTunes to manage your music collection, you can also subscribe to our show through the iTunes Music store. Then iTunes will regularly check to see if there is a new show and download it for you. Winamp also has this capability.

    If you choose to use podcatching software, you will be able to download the entire archive, as we have all the shows (mp3 files only) in the RSS feed.

    Let me know if you need more help, or drop us an email at

    -Rebecca B-F
    Astronomy Cast Web Assistant

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    Thanks Rebecca!

    I'm old school - I'll try the "save link as" option. Odd, Mozilla usually says "save file as" when it is an mp3 and "save link" when a URL ;-/.

    I'll try again!! - or try Explorer if Moz refuses to work for me.

    Thanks again!! - great shows you offer here - I'd link to commend both Pamela?(that her name?) and the fellow (name I foreget my appologies) for not only providing really top notch informative stuff - but also a professionalism that is really approaching those who actually broadcast for a living and get paid to sit in front of a mike.

    Both have nice "broadcast voices" and the fact that they are not in the same studio and edit the program to sound as if they are really really garners my respect.

    WELL DONE!! ;-).

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