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Thread: "That late night record shop" has closed.

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    "That late night record shop" has closed.

    The flagship store for "Sam the Record Man" in Toronto, has closed it's doors, for good. For the longest of time, it was "the place" to find that album, you just couldn't find elsewhere, in the city. The store would also feature independent releases, through consignment orders, giving unsigned artists a chance to become better known. The store's signage is something else, two large neon records (and three smaller ones).

    It's signage could be seen in the movie "Scanners" by David Cronenberg, Rush's "Subdivisions" video and the store is "that late night record shop" mentioned in BNL's song "Brian Wilson".

    Last week an auction was held, putting up items such as: signed posters, signed pieces of drywall, gold and platinum records and other memorabilia for sale. Pictures:

    More info at wiki:

    and from a local tv station:

    I made one final trip to the store last week, picked up 7 cds and one cassette (it was 25 cents) for $51 after taxes. Trips downtown will not be the same anymore

    The building was declared a "Heritage site" so the large neon records will still be there. A local university is interested in purchasing the property.

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    I'm always getting "Brian Wilson" stuck in my head--it's in there now--but it's nice to have that much more context to it. (I do get the Brian Wilson references!)

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