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Thread: Sequoias (pics)

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    Sequoias (pics)

    Weaver Lake
    I hiked up to Weaver Lake in the Sierra Nevadas last Tuesday.

    Here's the Big Meadow.
    Draft Horses.
    More Meadow.
    The forest.
    If you were a little sailboat...
    The face we saw as we were hiking up.
    The other side.
    Up, as soon as we got there, rain.
    Since we both were idiots and forgot rain gear, we had to hide here during the thunderstorm.
    This is an odd plant.
    More forest.
    We didn't go to Rowell Meadow.
    Trees rot here.
    This would have been a better rain shetler.
    Fox Meadow through the trees.
    In the meadow.
    A view.
    More view.
    Mountains in the distance.

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    Those pics are loading very slow for me, yet the file sizes seem small enough. Maybe the site is just slow this morning.

    Seem's like nice country for a stroll. I would hate to get lost there though, think I'll bring my GPS distant landmarks would help keep your bearings though.

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    GPS is for the weak.

    Just bring a jacket, in case you have to sleep overnight.

    In the mountains, you're either boxed in by trees and rock, or you have the most wonderful views.

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