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Thread: M27 revisited

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    M27 revisited

    Weather has shut me down so I've been revisiting some data from last summer. Here is M27 with its outer shell. I got better color balance this time.


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    That outer shell is really remarkable in your image. It is interesting how it is not symmetrical or distributed like the overall shape of the nebula.

    Great image!

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    Very Very nice photo that outer shell really shows its size and complexity of the Nebula-Outstanding! Clear Skies

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    I have seen other images of this nebula but never with with such detail of the outer shell. It stands as a great reminder of the detail available in long exposures.

    Kind regards

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    wow! I never suspected all that outer nebulosity

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    Very nice! Incredible extensive outer envelope there!

    Is that the scope you gave away :surprised


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    Quote Originally Posted by Strongmanmike View Post

    Is that the scope you gave away

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks. Yup, that's the scope I gave away. It did "ok" with an KAF3200 chip but not so good with my KAI11000. The scope had more than one problem; one of which was very asymmetrical flaring off of bright stars -- possible a severe turned down edge. I never could get the supplier to acknowledge anything. Never the less, I think the MakNewt design is the greatest overlooked design for astroimaging. I would like to try one again, but only if I can get a higher quality scope.


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