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Thread: Seeking a decent optical explanation for how we saw 2 crescent moons last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonnynu View Post
    Hi, everyone,

    I’m new here and found this forum because I saw something super weird this morning, just 20 minutes ago at 6:22am Pacific Time. I live in San Jose, California. I saw a crescent moon very high up in the sky, and then a tiny crescent moon very low to the horizon between the tree tops. I was using binoculars and I wear single focal nearsighted eyeglasses. I can’t see the real moon and the baby moon in the same lens area. What I mean is, when I’m pointing the binoculars at the real moon, the round space that I see the real moon in is not large enough to contain the baby moon. I must move the binoculars and point them way down in order to see the baby moon, at which time the real moon has gone out of the round lens area. So, considering that I’m not seeing the two moons in a single lens area, is that a mirage effect?

    Thank you,
    Sounds very much like you saw the crescent Venus.

    It is very prominent right now (there are actually PSAs about it, to ward off false UFO sightings).

    Using binocs, you should indeed have seen Venus as a crescent.

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    The "baby moon" may have been Venus.
    Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.

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    I know the thread is old but since it's been revived and is one of the very few I can find on the internet...

    I saw the double Crescent Moon two nights in a row when I was in Spain back in July 2018. Both nights I went to bed around 8:00 pm and was up around 3:30 am. So I was the moons sometime between 3:30 and 4:30. I had no drugs or alcohol in my system, have perfect vision, do not have diabetes, had no sleep in my eye, was not looking through a window or any other glass, and do not have cataracts. The moon was still far above the horizon. There was no shimmer, no stutter, no waves, no difference at all between the two. There was one crescent moon, perfect shape and brightness, then a thin black line, then another perfect crescent moon of similar (same) size, as if one was cradling the other. There was also no wind nor was the temperature abnormal.

    Now the superior mirage states the mirage appears over the object but this was not the case because I could see the faint outline of the rest of the moon and the crescent on top lined up with the curvature, while the one on the bottom would have been off, by it's position alone.

    Nothing else was seen in double and the two moons lasted 30 minutes to an hour before I went back inside. Again I saw this two nights in a row. Also I'm going to have a very tough time buying into the mirage theory since: 1. I've never known anyone other than the three people I found online who ever saw this; 2. In 43 years I have never seen this mirage nor heard anyone mention they had seen it; 3. To my knowledge it was not reported in any of the local papers and I did not hear anyone else in town mention it (maybe it was a "for my eyes only mirage" ).

    Just to be really clear - if either of those crescent moons had been on their own, no one would have questioned it was the moon. There was nothing skewed or abnormal about either one, they were both perfect replicas.

    Am I suggesting there are two moons? I'm not suggesting anything, other than there has yet to be an explanation that fit. Happy to learn of one, and happy to post this so others don't feel alone. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liflessdreamer View Post
    The diabedeas thing could be true my dad just died from it and i know his vision he said was blury and sometimes saw two of 1 thing but i dont know how long hes had it.

    the problem is this only hapened to him 2 times if i remembered right
    becaus it was from when we get back from vacation he seems to go through the symptums of diabetes
    At 42 I've lost vision from my right eye :-(

    I console myself thinking that a lot of legendary people kept on living and doing things despite this problem: Odin for example...

    and for the crescent of Venus, the main point to see it, is not extreme 500% magnification, but just managing to keep the lens still: for exemple Dave's photo is great...
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    I saw a double crescent tonight in N. Alabama around 7:45PM ?? at about a 45 degree angle in the west sky. It appeared like two crescents snuggling, with a dark break only toward the bottom. Weird. I called two people to look at it. My son agreed that it looked weird. The other person I left a message for and haven't talked to them, yet.

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    I saw exactly what you saw last evening (Dec. 30, 2019), in North Alabama. Now I'm assured that I'm not crazy. I hope I get to see it again.

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    Would be interesting to see a sketch of this, Barbarag.

    Were the two crescents the same brightness/size/colour?

    If one were fainter and bluer, I wonder if you were seeing Earthshine.

    I mean, it oughtn't look like two crescents, but I suppose it could.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinbad View Post
    I don't think so.
    Reread the description in post 35. He seems to be describing one Moon with two lit limbs.

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    Last year I briefly had an attack of vertical diplopia. This made it quite tricky to observe the stars or any other celestial objects for about a week, because they were all double. And yes, I'm better now, thanks.

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