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Thread: Global Warming and Astronomy

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    Global Warming and Astronomy

    Is it true that other planets in our little solar system are also experiencing warming? I've heard that Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all experiencing similar temperature rises.

    This would probably point a finger of blame at The Sun rather than man-made Carbon Dioxide emissions?

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    The Venus greenhouse effect has been going on for many hundreds of millenia, so it isn't directly related to any of the cooling/warming events seen on Earth these past hundred years.

    I asked this very question about eight weeks ago

    quoting some of korjik's response

    Quote Originally Posted by korjik View Post
    Current thought is that the solar flux hasnt changed enough to explain the recent changes in temp.

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    From the Climate FAQ at
    Objection: Global warming is happening on Mars and Pluto as well. Since there are no SUVs on Mars, CO2 can't be causing global warming.

    Answer: Warming on another planet would be an interesting coincidence, but it would not necessarily be driven by the same causes.

    The only relevant factor the earth and Mars share is the sun, so if the warming were real and related, that would be the logical place to look. As it happens, the sun is being watched and measured carefully back here on earth, and it is not the primary cause of current climate change.

    As for the alleged extraterrestrial warming, there is extremely little evidence of a global climate change on Mars. The only piece I'm aware of is a series of photographs of a single icy region in the southern hemisphere that shows melting over a six year period (about three Martian years).
    More information, with some links and some discussion, on that website.
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    Great stuff

    Thank you for this information. I especially like the Phil Plait stuff on political interference from The Bush Administration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 37.1101 View Post
    Thank you for this information. I especially like the Phil Plait stuff on political interference from The Bush Administration.
    Yes, Phil's stuff is great, and his blog has less restriction about discussing religion, politics, and global warming than does the rest of BAUT.
    Forming opinions as we speak

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