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Thread: More Evidence that Gliese 581 Has Planets in the Habitable Zone

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    More Evidence that Gliese 581 Has Planets in the Habitable Zone

    The discovery of Gliese 581 was one of the most exciting moments in extrasolar planetary researcher. Astronomers found an Earth-massed planet orbiting within the habitable zone of a distant star. This would mean that liquid water could be on its surface - and maybe life. Now there's even more evidence that Gliese 581 is living [...]


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    This may be the most important newspost ever on this board.

    Let's hope for good news, and point a dish that way if possible...

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    What we need to point that way is something like the future Terrestrial Planet Finder that could tell us if these planets really are habitable. What would it be with a red dwarf, purple plants I think I remember reading somewhere.

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