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    thread - bold and subscribe

    Why are some thread titles shown in bold while others are not in the Forum thread listings?


    When I post a new thread I always select the "instant email notification" in the Thread Subscription box - but when I check my user CP, it does not appear there. Sometimes it does work, but the other times I have to go to the thread and subscribe to the thread manually there.

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    Titles in bold indicate that new posts have been made since you last read the thread.
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    If you post to a thread, then immediately check your User CP, it will not appear, because there are no new posts to the thread since the last time you visited it. At least, that's the way my settings work.

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    Also, which thread titles are bolded depends on whether you are
    logged into the forum or not. You are effectively logged out if you
    delete your cookies and restart your browser.

    -- Jeff, in Richfield, MN

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