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Thread: Britain Proposes New International Space Station Modules

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    Britain Proposes New International Space Station Modules

    British scientists hope to improve living conditions on the International Space Station (ISS) by designing a new addition: the Habitation Extension Module (HEM). Although the plan is currently unofficial, it is hoped the proposal will get accepted and built for a 2011 launch. This would be a massive victory for UK space aspirations, as the [...]


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    Well, it's nice that it seems that we are getting back into the 'space race', if that's the right term.

    Like the union jack on the modules too.

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    We're pulling out of observatories around the world because STFC can't afford it anymore because of cutbacks. We're one of the worst investors in ESA.

    And they want to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to build a dormitory for the ISS.

    Interesting priorities.

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