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Thread: No preview box?

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    No preview box?

    I am used to looking at the preview boxes that are shown when you point the cursor on the thread title before I open the thread.

    It saves me time in browsing threads before I open up one that interests me and reading more of the thread.

    But right now, I noticed I can't view them anymore. I thought I'm logged-out , but when I checked in actually logged-in.

    How can this be? Did the preview box been removed ?

    Is this along with the new server transfer on going right now?

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    Still there for me.
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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    Mine are showing... In fact, they have continued to show after I change pages or close the window sometimes....LOL

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    Oh..that's weird.

    That means... the problem is on my PC..

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