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    I would like my thread ''Luxon Theory'' re-opened. I was not inviting a new particle. Are yo saying photons are new all of a sudden. I made one speculation that if Gluons can bind to be gluonballs, then so might photons.

    I wouls like to know exactly what made that essey a ATM subject.

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    17. Moderator Actions

    If there is a rule violation, then a moderator will take action. This may include: the deletion of a word or phrase (if it breaks the rules), the removal of an entire post (if it is beyond redemption, or if it's a spam, etc.), the merging of a new thread with an existing one on the same topic, the closing of a thread if it wanders too far off-topic or gets too heated, a gentle warning to a user or users, a not-so-gentle-warning, and as a last resort, the banning of a user. This banning may be temporary or permanent, as outlined above. If a moderator gives you advice, we advise you to take it.

    If you disagree with a moderator action, then PM or email the moderator, a different moderator, or an administrator. We will review the case and take action as needed.

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