I saw this today over on Jim Randiís board. Itís a submission from James McGaha, Director of the Grasslands Observatory in Arizona. Since he specifically says to pass it on Iíll do just that!

Material for Teachers About How We Know the Age of the Universe Is Now On Line
In several U.S. states there have been demands that discussions of the Big Bang and the vast age of the cosmos be excluded from science curricula in K-12 classrooms. In response, the Astronomy Education Board of the AAS has put together an article designed to enable teachers to tell students how astronomers know that the universe is old and that it changes with time. The illustrated article has been posted on the Web at:


It is designed for grades 3-12, published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and explains the evidence showing that we live in a universe that is between 10 billion and 15 billion years old and that both the universe and its contents undergo evolutionary change. This article grew out of a formal statement on behalf of the astronomical community issued by the Council of the AAS in 2000, after the Kansas State Board of Education in 1999 adopted state standards that eliminated both evolution and Big Bang cosmology. As we know, those standards have now been repealed, following the election of new Board of Education members in that state.

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