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Thread: Vader Crossing the Delaware

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    Vader Crossing the Delaware

    Worth 1000's Classical art redone with Star Wars characters. Some of them are quite good, others of them, not so much. (C3PO just doesn't work as Napoleon, IMHO.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckerfan View Post
    ...Some of them are quite good, others of them, not so much...
    Yes; a good mix of subtle and not so subtle. Now I need to take the time and search for a side-by-side look.

    I also wish there was bigger version. The "where's waldo" styled one didn't quite get large enough for me.

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    I liked it! Thanks for the link.

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    The Escher one is my personal favorite. Doesn't quite execute it perfectly, but I admire the ambition.

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