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Thread: Bad Astronomy: The Textbook!

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    Bad Astronomy: The Textbook!

    Hello all,
    I'm a high school senior who is currently enrolled in an astronomy seminar-type class. Our teacher decided to make Bad Astronomy the required reading for the course. It's a rather informal course in general but I think it's working out pretty well! The general comment from people in the class is "why can't our English class required reading be like this?!?"
    I'm just happy that I finally got an excuse to buy the book and read it.
    Clear skies and later days,

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    If you liked it i suggest its sister companion, Bad Medicine. :-)

    And a very happy welcome to the board. Invite all of your classmates over. The author of the book runs this website and while i don't speak for him, i am sure he would be glad to answer any questions you have.

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    COOL Teacher!!!

    Welcome to the board.

    Is this a one semester class or a two sememster class?

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    Welcome to the board. Why were there no teachers like that in my high school?

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    Wow, that's so cool, and I am honored. Please tell your teacher to continue to do this for many years, so I can get a decent royalty check. :-)

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    Sounds like such a great idea, I just added the BA book to required reading for the university astronomy I'm teaching in the spring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bad Astronomer
    Wow, that's so cool, and I am honored. Please tell your teacher to continue to do this for many years, so I can get a decent royalty check. :-)
    =D> That's pretty funny! Seriously though, what a cool teacher!

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    Great read

    I got the bad astronomy book for my birthday, it is the best book on general astronomy that i have ever read, best of all it deals with the subjects in a way that all my family ( who don't have a great deal of interest in astronomy ) could read and understand with ease. Hail to the Bad Astronomer!!!!!!!!!!

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    If "Bad Astronomy" becomes an official textbook, will the retail price jump by a factor of 10 to keep it in line with all other textbooks?
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