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Thread: How Far Would You Go For Dark Skies?

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    How Far Would You Go For Dark Skies?

    In the age of global light pollution, one thing both amateur and professional astronomers have in common is the need for clear, dark skies. While almost all of us are aware of the impact of light pollution when it comes to pure observing, the "light factor" plays a far more serious role when it [...]


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    In summer, I drive 70 miles to my dark sky site - about 20 miles east of Snoqualmie pass. Snoqualmie pass is 50 mi. east of Seattle. Sometimes I'll drive further than that - 125 miles - to get to a site that has less trees in the way and about 4000 ft of additional altitude.

    In winter (on the very few nights that are actually both moonless and clear), I'll drive about 35 miles outside Seattle - though that site isn't nearly as dark as my summer sites.

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    hi, and this is my first post, my dark sky is about two hours from home in the
    mountains of Phocis in central Greece, unfotunately due to higher peaks I miss
    a lot of sky, but the clarity there is awsome!

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