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    Resource-Full Titan

    My first post here - please be gentle!

    Titan. I'm fascinated with this planet. I want humans to go there. I read an ArthurC Clarke novel.Imperial Earth, where Titan was exploited for its hydrogen resources. What are the chances of this? Clarke's idea was that Earth and Jupiter are too deep in their gravity wells to extract hydrogen, but that Titan would be easy to exploit. Anybody think that this could work? Nuclear thermal roclets, fuelledby liquid hydrogen brought in by huge slow boats coasting in from Titan?

    If not. What resources do you think Titan may havethat will bring me my hoped for human exploitation of Titan?

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    Any Planet or Moon packed with resources (hydrocarbons, water etc) is worth looking at in terms of colonization. However colonization is still many years away and Planets/Moons will never be economic exporters of raw materials when you consider the cost per launch for trading in resources this is just not economically feasible.

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    Ah yes, LW, but Clarke's book is set 200 years from now. I'm not sure how speculative this forum gets ... but I can bet that NERVA rockets and Daedalus drives will be around in two centuries ... perhaps even more sophisticated fusion or plasma rockets.

    I know about Helium 3 ... can Titan offer anything to these future explorers?

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