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Thread: Are we going to have new cloaking devices soon?

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    Are we going to have new cloaking devices soon?

    Are we going to have new cloaking devices soon?

    Along with the PAMELA and DAMA data, there have also been some reports of unusual data from the old Fermi lab Tevatron that have inspired investigation into possible theories that might tie the results together.

    Press releases:

    Has new physics been found at the ageing Tevatron?

    Observation of an anomalous positron abundance in the cosmic radiation

    Phenomenological interpretation of the multi-muon events reported by the CDF collaboration

    Cosmic-Ray Positron from Superparticle Dark Matter and the PAMELA Anomaly

    High-energy Cosmic-Ray Positrons from Hidden-Gauge-Boson Dark Matter

    Minimal Dark Matter predictions and the PAMELA positron excess

    First Results from the PAMELA Space Mission

    One of the most imaginative theories comes from Arkani-Hamed and Weiner:

    LHC Signals for a SuperUnified Theory of Dark Matter
    PDF (20 pages):

    Of interest are figures 3 and 4 as well as the chapter III:


    There is an energy level called G_Dark. Someone who had their atoms charged up to the G_Dark level would only be detectable by their weak gravity signature making them practically invisible. Of course, care would be need to be taken not to completely charge to the G_Dark level or else the spy would not only not see anything but the inability to interact electromagnetically would leave them to fall to the center of the planet where they would burn up upon returning to a normal state.

    I can now understand why the recently departed Michael Crichton never had time to read the science fiction of others and preferred to read science instead. This would make excellent source material for a Sci-Fi novel if it turns out to be wrong.

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    Someone has jumped from an anomaly to a cloaking device?

    I'll read your papers. I can't guarantee I'll understand much though. Thanks.
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    i think there's an elf in someone's back yard that proves that it is indeed possible..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PraedSt View Post
    Someone has jumped from an anomaly to a cloaking device?
    That was my impression too. While I wouldn't be able to understand much from the papers myself, I'm not sure how dark matter particles can possible be of any use.

    If they don't react with anything other than gravity, then what can be done with them? Like the OP quoted section said, they will just fall to the center of the Earth.

    It just sounds like another case of a scientific finding that is important to science, but no practical application, so it can only be described to the masses by some wild speculation.

    And; if the goal is a cloak, there's plenty of other wild ideas out there.

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    I think the idea of unification implies that normal baryonic matter is like the tip of the iceberg where normal matter has gone through a phase change that allows it to be influenced by the other forces as well as the influence of gravity. They predict some lepton jets at the LHC that may lend some support to their theory.

    The Tevatron results seem a bit peculiar. Why are they being discovered now and not in the past? What are possible sources of age-related systematics that could source the results?

    One of possiblities could be associated with the cooling system employed to keep superconductors cold. More often than not, liquid Helium is used to keep things cool. One of the good things about liquid Helium is that there is a mixture of normal and superfluid components between 4 and 30 K. Superfluid Helium is an excellent heat conductor which makes it a good cooling agent.

    But in recent years there has been discovered a downside to the same superfluid. It has been found that stirring the superfluid has produced some unusual dynamic results similar to gravitomagnetism but much stronger than the classically determined result from General Relativity. For a while, it was thought the dynamical results were related to the London Moment of superconductors but further experiments were able to parse out that this was not the case when tested with high temperature superconductors above 30 K. Further, the topology of the stirring rod figured into the magnitude of the effect. Use of a sphere or disk to stir made the effect 25 times weaker than using a torus or ring to do the stirring.

    So it is suggested as a possible route of investigation of age related systematics that age cracks in the tubing that holds the coolant introduces vorticies into the superfluid component, much as vorticies are intoduced into a river stream by flow over an uneven features of the river bed, that introduce the unusual force associated with the stirring of the superfluid. In the early experiments, the magnitude of the effect depended on a cosine function and produced up to a 2% weight increase. If this effect, whether local or non-local were to impress itself upon the particles within the Tevatron, it might result in the noted seepage beyond the usual distance.

    There may be some similarity to a Dark Matter effect here. But instead of pointing to new Dark Matter particles, the effect is caused by the stirring of the superfluid instead. The use of Helium may taint other results by adding an unwanted systematic. This may be a problem at the LHC when interpreting results. If they could manage to use a more or less pure isotope of He3, it does not become a superfluid until well below 1 degree K where superconductors work well above this temperature. One could then avoid the possible intrusion of non-local effects into the data.

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