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Thread: Man Facing 15 Year Jail Term for Ripping Off NASA, Endangering Shuttle Crew

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    Man Facing 15 Year Jail Term for Ripping Off NASA, Endangering Shuttle Crew

    Oh dear. This is a tough lesson in "don't sell NASA defective goods!"It would appear that even NASA suffers from common infliction of shoddy contractors. Have you ever hired a plumber to find the leaking got worse? Have you hired a landscaping company who accidentally ripped up your prize hydrangeas? Have you purchased a passive [...]


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    Wasn't it Alan Shepard who, when asked what he thought about as he sat atop the Redstone rocket said "The fact that every part of this ship was built by the low bidder."
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    this harmon guy is a ------ , for him to do something like that is just not kool man. he should be prosecuted for that, maybe he thinks NASA is a joke,but the laughs are now on him and i bet it ain't so funny no more eh harmon? you gotta love the dilligence of NASA

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    The creep deserves it. :-P
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