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Thread: Your current weather?

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    Now it's that kind of weather when it's cold in the morning/evening and hot in the afternoon. So you don't know how to dress and take with you some clothes you finally don't put on)

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    Clouding over, the weather network predict rain latter but felt a few rain drops might go back out so close in finishing fall mega project.
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    After starting yesterday morning unable to see across the street, by evening it had cleared enough that I could see the lights from across the bay and down at the marina, a mile or so off. This morning it's back to barely seeing across the street. May be more fog than smoke now. We could use some rain and a breeze.
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    Much cooler day, only getting up to 82F, dropping down to upper 50s at night. Also nice and sunny, I’m not seeing or smelling the smoke, and it doesn’t have the weird hazy overcast I’ve seen so often recently. For the first time in about a month, I think I will be opening the windows at night. Nice. Between the heat and smoke I’ve kept outside work to a minimum but that will be changing.

    It’s supposed to warm back up a bit to 90 or so in a couple days, but nights will still be getting down to upper 50s, so mornings are cool and evenings cool off quickly.

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    A bit chilly this morning and tomorrow morning will be in the mid-40'sF. It's a little bit on the early side here but welcome. Back to the 70's in a few days with a dry week ahead.

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    Much better this morning! I can not only see across the street but across the bay!
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    Cool temperatures - at least for Houston - 65F this morning.

    Tropical Storm heading this way.

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