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Thread: A Greenhouse on the Moon by 2014?

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    A Greenhouse on the Moon by 2014?

    "Imagine a bright flower on a green plant in a little dome-shaped growth chamber, sitting on the landscape of the Moon, with the Earth rising up behind," said Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon Space Development. "I think itís a great vision." That vision of the first Moon flower will likely become a reality, [...]


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    Talking green cheese

    Fraser. One they get their engineering done, they should team up with the guys that are hybridizing horses, to make the world's smallest horse. But, they want to work with cows. Then, when they get the greenhouse on the moon, they can pasture the cows inside, milk them, make some cheese from the milk, and let it mold Then we can be the country that fired the "shot heard round the world"....fired the herd shot round the world....and showed that the moon was at least in part made of green cheese... Ta Da. pete


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