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Thread: How many more lunar mapping sats/missions?

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    How many more lunar mapping sats/missions?

    I suggest a betting pool be started amongst us..
    The many more seperate new lunar mapping satellites/missions will be
    done before the planned 2020? manned lunar missions?

    I bet on 2

    For crying out loud! How much more better sharper smaller resolution photo maps does NASA think they need? What? Must they photograph map number and
    officially name every crater,rock about the size of a typical city street sewer lid?
    Granted the current LRO sat mission is a fraction of the cost of any of the recent Mars probes but still, whats the point by now?
    After all consider back in the 70's after losing the manned race to the moon, the Soviets did succeed several times! In retrieving their own lunar samples by unmanned probes from the moon! Obviously a good portion of the so called 'dark side' of the moon the most rocky mountainous parts will be for the forseable future to dangerous for manned exploration, but not for robot craft sample retrieval aka the Soviet's program..Excuse me didn't Clementine map the moon? While building the new Orion manned program why not send a unmanned lunar rover/sample retrival mission or two..each a fraction of the cost of any such Mars ones? thanks for reading and allowing my rant!
    BTW I am badly dissapointed how nearly all the major broadcast media in
    coverage of the 40th Aniv. of Apollo 11 completely missed covering the LRO
    photos of the Apollo missions...great anti moon hoax evidence..darn them!

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    You might as well ask why Earth observation satellites are still being launched. New technologies, new capabilities, new observations.

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    I think the LRO missions are truly cool!

    That may seem like a flakey thing to say, technologically, but I stand by it.

    Our nearest neighbour in the cosmos may be an insignificant ball of dirt, but it behooves us to find out about it. We've landed on it several times, but I'm truly impressed by how much more of it there is to explore. Have taken the time to find each of the landing sites in the LRO 'strips', and am awed by how little of the lunar surface we're intimately familiar with.

    If we have the technology, then why not use it? Why is mapping the lunar surface not a neat thing to do? Our ancestors have marvelled at that orb for tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. What a great achievement to really get to know it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by notawoowoo View Post
    How much more better sharper smaller resolution photo maps does NASA think they need?
    Better than the old orbiters from 40 years ago, that's for sure. We have a better topographic map for Mars than we do for the Moon. We have 25cm/pixel imaging of Mars....but we've never beat 1m/pixel on the Moon.

    To study it, understand it, and find safe places to land on it - we need data from spacecraft like LRO.

    You don't need a betting pool - you can see the roadmap - there are two further missions into Lunar orbit for the near future - one to measure the tenuous lunar atmosphere, and one to measure it's gravity field with very high accuracy.

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    I guess a ~500 km radius is good enough for mining, no need to refine the data and re-examine possible good spots. If we leave the astronauts up there long enough they'll find water pockets. Won't they?

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    As this seems to have little to nothing to do with Conspiracy Theories, I'm moving this thread to Space Exploration
    At night the stars put on a show for free (Carole King)

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